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How much junk would a twenties girl chuck if a twenties girl could chuck junk.


A lot. That’s how much. In fact, to be precise, 4 bags of junk, 4 bags of clothing, two boxes of books and dvds, and a little bit of sanity.


I was going to talk about my kettlebell and how much I love the kettlebell workouts. However, that was before I started packing and purging. How in the world have I amassed so much crap? I am one person. Why have I not thrown out more of this crap before? And how do I go about avoiding having to do this all over again in the future? These are some of the topics I am going to discuss today because oh my god, I got rid of so much …. well, crap. And the worst part about is, THERE’S MORE!



I’m gonna need those one day!

I realize that I am not the only one to collect random things that you never throw out because, well maybe you’ll want that button, or you’ll finally use that tiny face cream sample, or you’ll take a trip and that sample perfume will be perfect for your carry on! Then one day you have to move and not only do you now have a plethora of these stupid, little things but lo and behold, you haven’t used a single one of them.


I have learned something about myself. It is a realization that is so simple yet explains, I believe, why I have 90% of the problems in my life. Instead of throwing (What’s another word for crap?) the refuse (thank you thesaurus) out I chose to store it somewhere to deal with another day. I have absolutely no consideration for future me. If I thought about future me at all I would not keep a mountain of random papers and receipts littered randomly around my room, my purses, my jackets, my computer desk and yes, in my closet. I would throw them out regularly when I realized they were useless. I would keep my elastic bands in one place instead of under my bed, in my purse, on my dresser, on my night stand, and anywhere else an elastic band can fall (so. Many. Places). No, instead I would have one, maybe two designated areas for them for easy access. I would have gone through my DVD collection of every chickflick known to man since 2001 and sorted through what I wanted and what I haven’t watched… well since 2000. But I haven’t. Until this week.


Organization has never really been my thing when it comes to my personal life. It would be a great quality to possess and develop, particularly as a type one diabetic as we have a wide variety of little tubes and needles and gadgets that we carry around. Part of the problem is I’ve never valued organization enough. In the workplace I know how to organize and file and place things in a matter of importance. At home however its never played a big enough part in my life that I’ve been able to appreciate it’s positive effects. I know that it would make my life easier, it just doesn’t feel like it would make it A LOT easier. That and when my brain is messy (which is frequently) my life tends to get a bit messy. It’s like I’m so focused on figuring out the scattered pieces flying about in my head that I can’t quite get a grasp on putting the physical pieces of my life together.


However, since I’m all about improving and changing and not being a hoarder when I hit 40, I’m going to put organization on my list of things to improve on. That and regular purging. I would expand on this further but I still haven’t tackled my drawers… There is no amount of fast music to make this any easier. That being said I will be blasting the Footloose soundtrack and hoping Kenny Loggins can make this entire process less painful.

Goodnight beautiful people.


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